People with Aphasia have said

Frustration... really hard... aphasia.......difficult things.....get annoyed

....a year without years.....only partially speaking...had no confidence speaking no writing....I used to laugh all the time......not so much now..

Let us introduce you to some people with Aphasia and find out how it has affected their lives.

Alan's story

My name is Alan Gordon.

I was born in August 1947, the son of a Craghead Miner.

I was educated in Stanley Grammar School up until 1963. I went to sea as an Apprentice for Hudson Steamships in 1964. I became a Master Mariner in 1974.

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Ian's story

Hello everybody. My names Ian McCoulough and I have Aphasia. I am married with two children. My wife's name is Isabella, she prefers Izy, my son's name is Chris and my daughters name is Karen. I have two grandsons on my daughters side called Jack aged 10 and Noa aged 4 ..........

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Steve's story

My name is Steven Hogg. I had a stroke in April 2005 aged 47 years. Prior to having the Stroke I worked as a Manager for a Software Company. I worked very long hours and travelled the length of the country solving problems for clients using our software. I had been to London on the Friday and obviously went to watch Sunderland play at home on the Saturday (this had nothing to do with it). On the Saturday night I felt that my arm was numb and thought it was due to me being tired from travelling ..........

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Jill's story

When I came around from the brain haemorrhage in January 2002 life was going to be very different. I spent 4 months in hospital remembering very little of all the friends who visited me and slept an immense amount of time. The worst outcome for a teacher was not being able to speak! ......

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Tracy's story

Tracy two years ago was knocked over by a taxi in the Newcastle city centre after having a meal with friends and family.

Sadly Tracy suffered a severe brain injury to the left side of her brain. With significant help and medical care Tracy is now on the mend. Well done to you .......

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