Tracy's story

A brief introduction to Tracy Valentine.

Tracy has 3 sons Mark, Phil and Carl and also a daughter called Meagen. Tracy has also a partner called Terry. Tracy two years ago was knocked over by a taxi in the Newcastle city centre after having a meal with friends and family.

story-tracy Sadly Tracy suffered a severe brain injury to the left side of her brain. With significant help and medical care Tracy is now on the mend. Well done to you....

Tracy has just completed the spring therapy programme at the Aphasia Centre.

Can you tell us Tracy where you born and where do you live now?
Born and bred in Newcastle and my family and I live in Fenham.

What do you like the most about the North East?
I love the North East because of the wide range of people and of course the fantastic coastline and the countryside.

Whats your favourite and least favourite on TV and why?
My favourites are programmes involved with home improvements etc. They are very interesting and educational. I HATE SOAPS AND WILL ALWAYS !!!!!!!!

Tracy, if you and your family/friends were going out for a meal in a restaurant what would be your first choice?
My favourite by far is fish, especially salmon. We love going to Italian restaurants and there are some great ones by the coast.

What type of holiday do you like the best i.e in the UK, Europe or somewhere else?
My firm favourite is the USA. I've been there on a couple of occasions and I thought the people are great and how everything is big, the cars, the food and the country.

How has aphasia affected your approach to life?
I know now to understand the importance of help and support and with that it has made me see the person I am behind the disability.

Tracy in attending the Aphasia Centre, Spring 2008 how much have you benefitted / enjoyed it and tell us why?
I have looked forward to the group therapy sessions, to meet with other group members, many now have become friends! With the group I thought that I would be the only person with speech difficulties. We help each other which is so important. I can see as a result of the Aphasia centre programme my speech has improved a great deal! Thanks for this.

Any thoughts on how we at the Aphasia Centre can help you more in the future?
Just keep on doing what you are doing so well!

Do you like the individual sessions or the group sessions the most?
By far I really enjoyed the group sessions, they are fun and it helps me to interact with others.

And Tracy, any final thoughts about the Aphasia centre, the staff, the students etc?
I think the staff and the students are brilliant and each week I feel very welcomed and relaxed every time I visit the Centre. Everyone has time to help me and others

In one word describe yourself since the car accident two years ago?

Tracy, thank you very much for your time today. NETA'S interviewer was Gordon Doney, Trustee.