Website upgrade: Contentful

It may not look that much different, but this website has had a significant update.

The website used to be maintained as a set of HTML files using desktop software.

It is now backed by a system called Contentful.

What does the new system mean for the charity?

Contentful have kindly given us a pro-bono account, which means we have access to an enterprise-grade system without it taking away funds from the charity.

  • more people can help maintain the website
  • it will be easier to maintain the website
  • we can maintain the website from any computer with a browser
  • it will be easier to make changes to the design of the website

What does it mean technically?

  • Because Contentful is a content management system we can maintain the content through a web browser
  • The formatting, the design and the code of the website is now separated from the content, making it easier to make changes to any of these elements