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Welcome to the North East Trust for Aphasia website. NETA is a charity which aims to support people in the North East with aphasia and their families. NETA does this by funding the NETA Aphasia Support Centre, which offers long term support to people with aphasia, offering opportunities to take part in a variety of groups.

NETA also aims to raise awareness of aphasia in the general public as too few people understand what aphasia means.






Younger People With Aphasia

For younger people with aphasia, it’s really hard to find suitable support services.

If you are a young person with Aphasia, or their family, we wish to hear about your needs. Our last young persons meeting was held in January. We may be able to help you. Contact us at The NETA Centre for more details.


Fundraising at Sainsbury's

NETA held a 'Bucket Collection' in Sainsbury at High Heaton on October 7th and collected £495.66


On December 14th, some wonderful examples of free form machine enbroidery, from our textiles group, were shown in the main entrance of the University King George building.

A group from NETA, some of whome have very limited hand use, worked on sewing machines with great success.

Click here to view more of their amazing work.

Meet the 2017 NETA Great North Run Team

Happy Great North Run day! A few of the fabulous people who ran to raise funds for NETA

Can You Help?

You can use your phone to donate to our NETA charity.

Every penny counts and goes towards running NETA - just text: neta01£10 (or other amount) to 70070