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Welcome to the North East Trust for Aphasia website. NETA is a charity which aims to support people in the North East with aphasia and their families. NETA does this by funding the NETA Aphasia Support Centre, which offers long term support to people with aphasia, offering opportunities to take part in a variety of groups.

NETA also aims to raise awareness of aphasia in the general public as too few people understand what aphasia means.






Calling All Younger People with Aphasia ... Can You Help Us?

For younger people with aphasia, it’s really hard to find suitable support services.

If you are a young person with Aphasia, or their family, we wish to hear about what you need. You are invited to a consultation session at NETA on Thursday September 14th. Please click here to download details and YOUR INVITATION.


Aphasia United Conference 2017

Our centre coordinator Dr Rose Hilton, represented NETA at the

2017 Aphasia United Conference in Coventry.

Read more about this international event by clicking here for a short POWERPOINT and NOTES:


Great North Runners

We are so proud of our amazing Great North Runners, who on September 11th 2016, raised a huge total of £7271 for NETA.

Thank you to everyone who took part in this very prestigious and international event which not only raised funds, but also helped to raise awareness of aphasia among the general public.

Click here to view our Great North Run gallery

Natter For NETA

Click on the photogragh to read our Natter for NETA stories.

Perhaps you could gather together your friends / relatives for a coffee morning or afternoon tea in order to raise funds and awareness for NETA ... as did our Y6 friends here, who baked for a very enjoyable get together with plenty of 'Nattering for NETA'.

Click here for information on how to get your Natter for NETA Information Pack

NETA Cafe and Internet Cafe Sessions

REMINDER: The Cafe is also an Internet Cafe

Bring your IPad or other Tablet, or use NETA's P.C.s.

Show each other what you use. Someone will help you to Log On to WIFI


Our newsletter is written and edited by NETA News Group.

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Our Easter - September Calendar will keep you up to date:

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Can You Help?

You can use your phone to donate to our NETA charity.

Every penny counts and goes towards running NETA - just text: neta01£10 (or other amount) to 70070